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The NAELPA serves as the voice of MLs, representing SEAs and LEAs across the United States. We are small enough to hear individual voices, yet powerful enough to be heard as a whole. The organization provides its members with direct contact to the change agents in each state and at the Federal level. With two-way communication between the council and the decision makers, our voice can be heard. Join today and be part of the voice!

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As part of the commitment to provide quality professional development opportunities for our members, NAELPA hosts three to four webinars annually on topic that are of interest to educators working with Multilingual Learners/English Learners MLs/ELs (NAELPA prefers the term Multilingual Learner (ML) in a effort to recognize fluency in more than one language as a asset but realizes that no term will be acceptable to everyone). 

The webinars within this calendar year are available by clicking on each event below (login or registration required). All past webinar content outside of this calendar year can be accessed in the "Past Webinar" event below.